EdTech - Technology for Learning

Using What You’ve Got

Many schools have a lot of kit that doesn’t get used. Often this is because there is no one with the time to set it up and figure it out. We can review your existing kit and advise you on how it can be used to impact learning. We can also help you set it up and get it working!

Often it is just a matter of training. Our consultants are outstanding teachers who really know their tech so everything is set up to reduce teacher workload and support learning.

Choosing The Right Kit

If you are looking to invest in new technology we can help you put together a strategy that will get results and save money. We can advise you on all those annoying things you’ll have to buy to get things working. We can help you procure a Value Added Reseller or even choose a managed service provider. Throughout the process we are in your corner, making sure your learners get what they need!

E Learning Using Free Stuff

There are some powerful learning tools that are absolutely free. You may already be using Microsoft 365 or Google. We can help you get more out of both without commiting to a yearly subscription. Spend some time with our consultant and build a plan that will move your digital learning up to a new level.